Dr. Pipa is the president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

President, Professor – Homiletic & Systematic Theology

Education: B.A., Belhaven College, 1968; M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary, 1971; Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1985.

Positions: Pastor, Tchula Presbyterian Church, Tchula, MS, 1970-1977; Staff, Great Commission Publications, 1977-1979; Guest Lecturer, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1978-1979; Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX, 1979-1990; Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Advanced Studies, Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, CA, 1990-1997; Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA), Escondido, CA, 1991-1997.

Author:Root & Branch; William Perkins and the Development of Puritan Preaching; The Lord’s Day; The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book: A Study Guide for Churches; Galatians: God’s Proclamation of Liberty

Articles (selected): “Operation Rescue and the Bible”; “Adult Education in the Church”; “The Principle of Sabbath Keeping”; “Biblical Reformed Piety”; “Preparing for Your Pastor to Visit”, “Seminary Education”; “What is the PCA?: Some Thoughts for the Presbyterian Church in America”; “The Confessing Church”‘ “Dearest Ashley, Chid of the Covenant”; “Out of Order: A Critique of the Framework Hypothesis”; “The Infinity of God: God’s Incommunicable Attributes”; “The Face of Death.”

Contributor: Whatever Happened to the Reformation?; Onward Christian Soldiers; The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons : Debating the Federal Vision; Interpreting and Teaching the Word of Hope: Essays in Honor of Jack Brown Scott on His Seventy-Seventh Birthday; The Hope Fulfilled: Essays in Honor of O. Palmer Robertson; TableTalk magazine; Sunday School materials for Great Commission Publications.

Editor: Did God Create in Six Days?; Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life; Sanctification: Growing in Grace;Reformed Spirituality; The Worship of God; Confessing Our Hope: Essays in Honor of Morton Howison Smith on His Eightieth Birthday; The Covenant: God’s Voluntary Condescension.


  1. Atli Locklear Atli Locklear
    July 19, 2018    

    My name is Atli Locklear. I’m a Baptist attending a Presbyterian Church. My pastor said it’s impossible to make the argument that deacons should only be men. What is the Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church’s stance on deacons? Some are advocating for commissioning women and not ordaining either gender.

    • March 10, 2019    

      As you can see from my article, there is ch ood exegetical basis for Male only deacons. It is true that the ARP has female deacons. This practice developed when that denomination was in a downward slide. By God’s grace, they ha e greatly recovered and many would like to cease ordaining women.
      A church with qualified men should ha e ordained Male deacons. Refusal to do so is depriving the church of God-given means God spiritual prosperity
      I find no basis in Scripture to commission women. Women, however, may be selected by the elders to aid the deacons.

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