Trip to Brazil and South Africa

My wife and I leave tomorrow, Lord willing, to fly to Brazil. This summer is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Puritan Project. The Puritan Project was started by Dr. Manoel Canuto, Mr. Olin Coleman, and pastor Josafa Vasconcelos for the purpose of bringing reform and experimental Calvinism to the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. I have had the privilege of speaking at a number of its conferences. Dr. Joel Beeke will be joining us for the conferences.

There will be two conferences. The first is in Belem, located at the mouth of the Amazon river, at the Central Presbyterian Church of Belem, and the second at Marogogi, a Hotel south of Recife on the Atlantic ocean. At the first, June 29- July 3, I will be speaking on Deuteronomy 4, The Sufficiency of Scripture; 2 Timothy 1:13, 14 The Biblical Basis of Creeds; the history of the Westminster Standards; and Psalm 119:9-16, The Third use of the Law. I will preach on the Lord’s Day on Psalm 119:89-96 The Voice of God.

At the second conference, July 4-8. I will give the four messages listed above and a fifth on Deuteronomy 5:12-15 on The Lord’s Day.

On the Lord’s Day, July 10, I will be preaching at Recife at the Alliance Presbytery Church on The Role of Parents and Children and Psalm 119:89-96 The Voice of God.

On July 11 and 12 I will be preaching in Aracaju at the Presbyterian Church of Aracju on Acts 143:44-49 on Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God and Matt. 28:18-20 The Church’s Mission.

On July 13, we fly to Johannesburg. I will be teaching  The Introduction to Reformed Theology July 15-16 and 18 and July 26 and 27 at Wycliffe Theological College. Greenville Seminary offers an MA through the College. In the middle of the course, we fly to Cape Town where I will preach a conference on Marriage and Family and then preach on the Lord’s Day, July 25.

We fly home the night of July 27.

Please pray for travel and God’s blessing on the ministry.  Also for good health.

Tuesday, July 5

I am sitting on my veranda at the Hotel Praia Dourada in Maragogi. We have been chased inside by a rain storm. The second Puritan Project Symposium is held here at this resort.

God greatly blessed the conference in Belem. Over 500 people attended and another 300 listened on the internet. The people are spiritually hungry and soaked up the teaching. Some drove two days to be there. One young lady rode on a bus 12 hours to attend. In addition to my messages listed above, Kenneth Wieske, a missionary with the Canadian Reformed Church, who has been here 15 years, spoke twice on aspects of female piety and Paulo Brasil spoke wice: gazing on God and being transformed and the idolatry involved in marrying a non-christian  Paulo, who has studied at Greenville Seminary and now, in addition to teaching at the Presbyterian Seminary in Recife, is the organizing pastor of the Covenant Presbyterian Church in that city.

Yesterday, we flew to Recife and drove south two hours to Maragogi. There are 532 registered for this conference, including 120 children, for whom a special program has been prepared.

Last night Josafa Vasconcelos spoke on what the Puritans meant in his life and ministry. He was a famous evangelist who preached a man- centered message, and used altar calls. By God’s grace, through reading the Puritans, he completely changed his message and methods. I preached my first message.

This morning Greenville Seminary graduate, Rodrigo Brotto, preached a powerful sermon from Hebrews 10:19-25. Rodrigo also serves as the primary translator. in the second session pastor Alan Kleber preached on the sanctity of vows.

Tonight, I will preach my second message and Paulo Brazil, another man who has studied at Greenville seminary and through his teaching at the seminary in Recife has influenced scores of young pastors, will preach on idolatry and marriage (dealing with why Christians must not marry non- Christians.

August 2.

Sorry for the delay. Our schedule was intensely busy. During the entire month, I had only three days with no responsibilities. I preached twenty-two times and taught a thirty-nine hour course.

In Recife, at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant,   I preached three times: two sermon on Eph. 6:1-4 and one on Psalm 119:89-96. Paulo Brazil is the pastor of the congregation. Over a hundred in attendance.

The next day we flew to Aracaju, where I preached on Acts 13:44-49 on evangelism and the sovereignty of God and Matt. 28:18-20 on the great commission. There were over 400 at both services. Rodrigo translated and also gave message on developing Christian Schools.

On Wednesday, July 13, we fly to Johannesburg. I taught Introduction to Reformed  Theology at John Wycliffe Theological College. Sunday, July 17, I preached in the morning at the English Reformed Church and on the evening at Constantia Reformed Baptist Church in Pretoria. The next weekend, I preached three messages on Marriage and Family at Hout Reformed Church in Cape Town and two services on the Lord’s Day. We fly home Wednesday July 27

Thank you for praying.  The Lord graciously sustained us and blessed the ministry.


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  1. Karen VDL Karen VDL
    November 14, 2016    

    Although the numbers may not near those of the gatherings in Brazil, we anticipate this coming weekend where we once again will embrace the hard wrought value and wealth of Truth found within the Solas.
    Karen VanDerLey

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