South Africa Trip

Aug. 5  We arrived last night at Newark to find that my wife’s suitcase had been damaged. United gave us a new one that is actually better, but it made us an hour late leaving for our hotel and we lost our travel tea and coffee, as well as some hosiery and socks (we hope that is all). Then because of a major accident on one of the turnpikes, it took us twice as long to get across town to our Hotel near JFK.  God, however, sustained us through it all. We had our first experience with Uber last night.  It is as good as advertised.  If you want to sign up let me know; I can get credit.  Our flight leaves at 11:15. It will about 15 hours.


Aug. 10  Our trip here went well; we arrived 8 AM Thursday. Friday afternoon I introduced the class. I am teaching Christ and Salvation for our MA class offered in partnership with John Wycliffe Theological College. The main campus is in a suburb of Johannesburg, but I am teaching the class this week in Durban (about 320 miles southwest of Johannesburg, on the Indian Ocean).  We drove over late Saturday evening. In addition to the MA students,  number of others will be auditing the class.

Saturday, I gave three lectures on Genesis 1-3 to about 50 people. The seminar was sponsored by the Big Six (6 Bishops in a charismatic group).  The material was well received and there were many good questions, but their biblical ignorance ans errors are apalling.  For example, one minister thinks the three persons of the godhead are merely three offices of God. Another, that when one died he went to some special place to be made fit for heaven. The leadership believe that dead ancestors come to them in visions and they have a form of ancestor worship. Pray that God will bless his word and the on-going contacts the men from Wycliffe will have with this group. There were a number of sincere Christians there, who want sound teaching.


Yesterday, I preached in the morning at Seaview Church. The church, initially an independent charismatic congregation, but is becoming reformed. I preached on 1 Cor. 1:30, 31, The Beauty of Grace. Last night I preached at Cato Manor. I preached on Psalm 87, The Glory of the Church. Both of these congregations are made-up primarily of folk from the Indian community and the people are coming out of a charismatic background. At Cato Manor, I am doing a conference on worship.  preaching tonight on Psalm 100, The Nature and Purpose of Worship.  Please pray as there is much need for reform in this area. Tomorrow night i preach on Exodus 20:4-6, The Rule for Worship and Wednesday, Psalm 96, The Work of the Church.

Tuesday morning , we begin the class on Christ and the Covenant.

Aug. 17  I am sitting in the United Airlines Lounge in Sao Paulo.  We just completed a 10 hour flight from Johannesburg. After a 5 hour layover, we have a 10 hour flight to Dulles, a 2 hour layover, and a 1 1/2 hour trip home. The week was very busy and I really did not have time to write.  I taught 6 hours a day Tuesday through Friday and preached Monday through Wednesday nights on worship.  God blessed both the teaching and preaching in an amazing manner. I cannot think of many occasions in which He blessed so greatly. We pray for continued fruit.

Friday night, I preached an evangelistic message on Mark 4:35-41 , “Who is This?” at Seaview. The service was well attended and a number of non-Christians were present.  Saturday morning, I had the privilege to preach for the inauguration of a satellite campus of John Wycliffe Theological College.

We were back in Johannesburg Saturday night after a 6 hour drive. Sunday morning I preached at Grace Family Church, the daughter church of the English Reformed Church. The Church is located in Cosmo City, new township. I preached again on Mark 4, “Who is This?” They are seeing a number of people come to saving faith.  Sunday night, I preached at the English Reformed Church on Mark 14:22-25 on the institution and purpose of the Lord’s Supper.

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