Pipa Protest

I have been asked if members of our churches can sign the protest. Although it is not official, let your voice be heard, particularly let’s hear from the women. See below.

Here is the protest.

We, the undersigned, humbly protest the establishment of a committee to study the issue of woman serving in the ministry of the church based on the following grounds:

  1. The committee having women as well as men contrary to 1 Tim. 2:12-13.
  2. The committee is to reflect the diversity of opinion in the denomination with no apparent respect to Scriptural or Confessional parameters.
  3. It appears, with the suggestion of a pastoral letter, that there is a goal already in mind prior to the study committee being formed.
  4. Hebrews 6:1-2 states that the laying on of hands (ordination) has been established and further study hinders the progress of the gospel.

Because of time constraints the grounds are not spelled out as fully as they ought to be. One grounds I omitted in my haste is that the committee is to study ordination in the context of role of women. I will be writing later on the grounds, as well as an exegetical discussion of the role of women and ordination.

I want to register my protest to the establishment of a committee to study the role of women serving in the ministry of the church. To sign go to the comment section or send me an email with your request.

Carolyn Pipa


  1. June 28, 2016    


    • Phyllis Linton Phyllis Linton
      June 28, 2016    

      I would also like to express my opposition. We need to obey God’s Word, period. This is not needed.

  2. Jesse Jesse
    June 28, 2016    

    Thank you Dr. Pipa.

  3. Zack G Zack G
    June 28, 2016    

    Shared with my Session. May we hold fast to the Word together.

  4. Bob Wright Bob Wright
    June 28, 2016    

    God bless you , Dr. Pipa!

  5. Bill craig Bill craig
    June 28, 2016    

    Stand Fast!

  6. Stephanie Hill Stephanie Hill
    June 28, 2016    

    So upsetting to hear about some of the men from the PCA taking their role as elders and the interpretation of Scripture lightly. Thank you for filing a protest Dr. Pipa!

  7. Derick R. Dickens Derick R. Dickens
    June 28, 2016    

    Part of the reason the PCA exists is because of issues of women in the ministry. There is no need to revisit the issue that is clear in Scripture.

  8. Debbie Jones Braswell Debbie Jones Braswell
    June 29, 2016    

    Thank you for standing firm. Sign me up!

  9. Jocelyn Groff Jocelyn Groff
    June 29, 2016    

    How do we officially sign the petition? If this comment is my signing, then consider it signed by me, Jocelyn Groff.

  10. Ken Pujdak Ken Pujdak
    June 29, 2016    

    We are not papists and ought to only consider overtures from the presbyteries. We ought not to debate issues clearly described in God’s word and which we as church officers have oathed to uphold. We are also expected to make our disagreement with the WCF known to our local session to be dealt with scripturally and properly. I left one PCA church already because of elders and preacher who are soft on doctrine in favor of social acceptance.

    Ken Pujdak, Deacon – Second Presbyterian Church Greenville SC

    • Phillip Shroyer Phillip Shroyer
      July 10, 2016    

      One wonders how many churches are ignorant of the issues now confronting the PCA.

  11. June 29, 2016    

    Please add me to the list of those signing on with Dr. Pipa’s protest.

    Thanks, Andy

    Andy Schreiber
    TE South Coast Presbytery

  12. Carolyn Simpson Carolyn Simpson
    June 29, 2016    

    I also protest.
    Thanks Dr. Pipa for doing this.

  13. Cindy Fernandez Cindy Fernandez
    June 29, 2016    

    I gladly sign my name to stand with my brother in support of godliness.

  14. Michael Simpson Michael Simpson
    June 29, 2016    

    I protest.

  15. Chris Hansen Chris Hansen
    June 29, 2016    

    Sign me up!

  16. Caroline H Witbeck Caroline H Witbeck
    June 29, 2016    

    Please add me to the list of those signing on with Dr. Pipa’s protest.

    Caroline Witbeck

  17. Samuel Vitalino Samuel Vitalino
    June 28, 2016    

    Dr. P and Mrs. Pipa,
    I praise the lord for reading these words.
    Love you and praying for this whole issue!
    Samuel Vitalino

  18. Jennifer Napier Jennifer Napier
    June 28, 2016    

    Agreed! Thank you for spearheading this!

  19. Shaun Shaun
    June 28, 2016    

    I protest!!!

  20. W. Tosh Groce W. Tosh Groce
    June 28, 2016    

    Thank you, Dr. Pipa, for your voice! It is greatly needed. My name can be added to the protest. God bless!
    W. Tosh Groce

  21. Harland and Leigh Anne Simpson Harland and Leigh Anne Simpson
    June 28, 2016    

    We protest.

  22. June 28, 2016    

    I protest and sign!

  23. C. Coldwell C. Coldwell
    June 28, 2016    

    This proposed study committee under all the defects attending it, was highly imprudent whatever the motivations were of the various of the majority that voted for it. Thank you for protesting and outlining some of the problems. May the committee, since it is a reality, rise above the party spirit that agitated for this over their brethren and affirm the authority of scripture over fears and running after the world’s favor as if that kind of church growth the Lord will bless?

  24. Brett Lemke Brett Lemke
    June 28, 2016    

    I protest.

  25. Adam Jung Adam Jung
    June 28, 2016    

    I protest and sign!

  26. Elsie van der Merwe Elsie van der Merwe
    June 28, 2016    

    Thank you for your work! Please record my protest.

  27. Corrie Corrie
    June 28, 2016    

    I agree and protest

  28. Richard Maddy, PhD Richard Maddy, PhD
    June 28, 2016    


  29. Catherine Canonico Catherine Canonico
    June 29, 2016    

    I protest and sign along with you!
    Catherine Canonico

  30. Joan Jordan Joan Jordan
    June 29, 2016    

    Why does the PCA need a committee to study what is already so clear in God’s Word?
    I’m female, and a PCA member almost since its inception, and I’m opposed to this study committee.

  31. Gail Lefler Gail Lefler
    June 29, 2016    

    I totally agree.

  32. Kelley Buffaloe Kelley Buffaloe
    June 29, 2016    

    Please add my name to the formal Pipa


    Kelley Buffaloe
    TE of the Eastern Carolina Presbytery

  33. Dolca Rios Dolca Rios
    June 29, 2016    

    Please include me in your protest

  34. Kimberli Buffaloe Kimberli Buffaloe
    June 29, 2016    

    I’m extremely disappointed in decision to form this committee. The scriptures are clear on the subject of church leadership and who are called to be deacons and elders, so there’s no need for additional discussion on the matter. We follow our great God, not society.

  35. Judy Linton Judy Linton
    June 29, 2016    

    I protest the formation of this study committee. My wonderful role as a woman of God is already spelled out very clearly in the Bible. I have studied the Bible and understand my God-given role. Why do I need someone else to study it for me???

  36. Melissa Davis Melissa Davis
    June 29, 2016    

    Thank you Mrs. Pipa for taking a lead role in this. I think you should be heading the study committee.

  37. Nathaniel Bond Nathaniel Bond
    June 29, 2016    

    The Ref. Baptist would like to add his signature if he may.

  38. Kandice Thomas Kandice Thomas
    June 29, 2016    

    Please add my name as well.
    Kandice Thomas

  39. June 29, 2016    

    Please add my name to the protest. Thank you for doing this.
    Chris Thomas
    TE North Texas Presbytery

  40. June 29, 2016    

    Please add my name to the protest.
    Kandice Thomas

  41. Nick Policow Nick Policow
    June 29, 2016    

    Dear friends,

    I’m a PCA TE who wholeheartedly believes that Scripture is crystal clear about who the elders of the church are meant to be. However, whether women served in some sort of diaconal role in the NT churches, and indeed the full scope of the diaconate in the earliest churches is, to me, exegetically much less clear. Perhaps this means I need greater insight into Scripture (which is why I’m glad for a study committee to hopefully help provide me with it), but it doesn’t mean that I’m theologically “liberal” or “progressive.”

    Also, while the BCO only allows for men to be ordained as deacons, it also says that diaconal assistants may be appointed by the session. Yet it doesn’t delineate the difference between a deacon and a diaconal assistant. What can a female (or male) diaconal assistant not do that an ordained deacon can? The BCO doesn’t say.

    Moreover, many women I’ve known who believe in male leadership wrestle very honestly (because they’re trying to obey God’s word), with how they should in fact serve in the church. While not all members of the church are called to the ordained ministry of word and sacrament, all are called to many various ministries in the local church. Studying the nature of women’s service in the church is something that I think could be a great benefit to us.

    The wording of the overture was sloppy though. It makes it sound like much more is up for grabs in the PCA than I think there really is. The reason I don’t think that our view of the ordination of elder is up for grabs is because I’m a Covenant Seminary grad, which institution many view as emblematic of the so called “progressive wing” of the PCA. I’ve never had so much as a shadow of a hint in my time there, nor as an intern of Missouri Presbytery, or in my current presbytery (which could probably be labeled as moderate), nor from friends of mine in other presbyteries around the denomination, nor from the blogosphere that anyone in the PCA wants to challenge the PCA’s policy on eldership.

    My point brothers and sisters isn’t that you should support the formation of this committee. I respect your opinions and concerns. But please do not conclude that the only possible reason for supporting it is based on a desire to undermine the word of God and to set the PCA on a slippery slope toward apostasy.

    Grace to you.

    Nick Policow
    Susquehanna Valley Presbytery

    • Michael Cousar Michael Cousar
      July 2, 2016    

      I agree with Nick Policow. I am a ruling elder in SC. Michael Cousar

  42. June 30, 2016    

    Why do we as women insist on taking on that which we aren’t designed to do by our living, wise, Master gentleman- Lord? And why do you men pushing this insist on abdicating your God- mandated, God-authorized, roles in which you were created to function.
    Please stop this nonsense. No thinking woman who is at all sensible of the monumental duties that lie at her feet to take up and do well would ever desire such a position. This is madness and once again the church parallels the world’s agenda, as we have just seen in pushing for the drafting of women into military service. The enemy’s malicious intent to push women
    into the front lines, both on a national and ecclesiastical level.

    As for me and my four daughters, we protest this committee and bless God for the faithful and courageous service of many of our friends who are called and
    equipped and DESIGNED to be God’s
    Protesting this agenda to take up what men aren’t willing to do and becoming what God didn’t create us to do,
    Susan Weiand- member of Pinehaven Presbyterian Church Clinton, Ms.

  43. Heather Hakim Heather Hakim
    June 30, 2016    

    Please count this as a protest. It was already studied, we have been educated. Why rob us women of our blessings in heaven by giving us public honor for the things we want to do in secret?

  44. Ann Biese Ann Biese
    June 30, 2016    

    I agree!

  45. Stephen Turner Stephen Turner
    July 1, 2016    

    I do protest as well. It is never an honor or a blessing for a woman or a man to take a position that God’s word clearly forbids. Our highest good at this point is to pray for our brothers and sisters that the Holy Spirit would teach them this truth.

  46. Kurt Scharping Kurt Scharping
    July 1, 2016    

    I protest. Kurt Scharping. New Covenant PCA Maryland

  47. Sylvia Fincham Sylvia Fincham
    July 1, 2016    

    I want to register my protest to the establishment of a committee to study the role of women serving in the ministry of the church.
    Thank You,
    Sylvia Fincham

  48. Rebecca Call Rebecca Call
    July 1, 2016    

    I protest and sign!

  49. Dianna Hankins Dianna Hankins
    July 1, 2016    

    I add my signature to this protest sincerely hoping the denomination does not allow what Scripture doesn’t allow. I hope there will be church discipline as is outlined and put forth in the Book of Church Order for the churches in the PCA that ordain women.

  50. -Ben -Ben
    July 1, 2016    

    TE Benjamin Rochester. south Coast Presbytery. Please add my name to the protest if it is allowed. I am particularly concerned with the study’s lack of respect to our confessional and scriptural standards. It was moved seconded and carried that a study be done on our practice, not on scripture’s mandates. This is an example of normative ethics where the normal of culture dictate what is right and wrong. If they did not intend that in the authorship of the motion then they should have explained it. I am also troubled by women doing the so called pastoral word ministry work to which Confessionals were falsely chides as being fearful.

  51. July 1, 2016    

    Please add my name to the protest list. It was an improper action as indicated by the Committee of Commissioners.

  52. Jessi Jessi
    July 1, 2016    

    I protest. The bible is clear on the roles of men and women in ministry. Thank you for all your dedication to this issue Dr. P and Carolyn

  53. Carol Morgan Carol Morgan
    July 1, 2016    

    Please add my name to the protest. I am so thankful that my pastor and elders remain faithful to the Scriptures despite pressure from outside the Church and from within the denomination.

  54. July 1, 2016    

    I protest. Thank you, Dr. Pipa.
    Covenant Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

  55. Michael Frazier Michael Frazier
    July 2, 2016    

    The PCA keeps covering issues that should be non-issues and ground the denomination had already covered in previous assemblies.

    Our doctrine had been settled on this issue for many years, in agreement to the Word of God, and our doctrinal Standards.

    Has there been new revelation? I think not!

  56. Jack Jack
    July 2, 2016    

    I’m honestly a little offended that women are signing the petition and commenting on doctrinal issues here. The Bible is clear that they have no authority on these issues. They are not even allowed to speak in church. My church actually split over this issue as I would not let my daughters speak at all until we walked out of the church building. About half of the men input congregation agreed with me and we’ve started a new church.

    • July 2, 2016    

      I appreciate your point, but this a conversation outside the church. An informal expression of opinion

      • Jack Jack
        July 4, 2016    

        But if women shouldn’t be allowed to be on a research committee (hence one of the complaints in this petition) then women should no sooner be allowed to sign this petition or give their insight. That is for the men to do.

    • Zack G Zack G
      July 2, 2016    

      I call foul. This post reeks of “troll”

      • Zack G Zack G
        July 2, 2016    

        I was referring to “Jack’s” comment from July 2, 2016.

    • Joann Longton Joann Longton
      July 13, 2016    

      First of all, this is not ‘church’. It is a petition. Second of all, it is open to all members to comment on–gender non specific. . As a women, I protest not only this study group being formed for the reasons Dr Pipa outlined, but also for those who say they are speaking for the ‘women of the church’–that the women feel somehow put down or locked out of roles they feel should be open to them. NO ONE has done a survey of the women in the church, and there fore have no right to speak for the women. We have our representatives in the elders we send to presbytery and GA, and do not need someone making generalized statements about what they think the women want, when they have never ever once surveyed the women church-wide. Besides all that the church isn’t to run things based upon what the members want–whether male or female, but only based upon what God has already commanded. Please stop this foolishness now. We, the daughters of Eve should have learned our lesson by now. We needn’t be reaching for the forbidden fruit of this new creation (the church) when we already learned what it got us in the first creation….

  57. Pastor William Roldan PCA Pastor William Roldan PCA
    July 5, 2016    

    I protest and sign

  58. July 10, 2016    

    Please sign me on as well. I signed onto the protest of the moderator’s incorrect decision that the motion was in order in the first place. The permanent committees are accumulating too much power. And it ordination wasn’t on the table, then why mention it so prominently in the overture? I helped craft the current language in BCO 9-7 about ordination and officership, and that was a well-discussed topic in Overtures that year. As I said on the floor, this has been studied to pieces, making the current effort a waste of $15K that could be well used elsewhere.

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