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1 Timothy 3:11 and women deacons

1 Timothy 3:11 and women deacons

Proponents of female deacons use 1 Timothy 3:11 to argue the case in favor of female deacons. Here is a brief exegesis of that passage, which presents the arguments against this interpretation. As I understand verses 11 and 12, Paul is laying down the domestic qualifications for deacons: “Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious […]

Leading in Worship

Leading in Worship

Because of the corporate nature of public worship, its leadership is to be representative, namely, one person acts on behalf of all. Many aspects of worship, like singing and reading or reciting the confessions, are done by all. Other times, when the leader prays, he forms words for all. Who, then, is authorized to represent […]

A Troubling Turn: PCA General Assembl...

NOTE: This article used with permission from Terry Johnson and can also be read at A Troubling Turn: PCA General Assembly 2016 by Terry Johnson By and large I have stayed out of the politics of the General Assembly (GA) for the past 34 years. Because I pastor at an independent Presbyterian church, I have […]

A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, ...

NOTE:  This article was previously published on the Aquila Report and reposted here with permission from the author. A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, and Unity Will the PCA make changes by legislative fiat from the top – or – by consensus among the presbyteries and local congregations? Written by David W. Hall | […]

Trip to Brazil and South Africa

My wife and I leave tomorrow, Lord willing, to fly to Brazil. This summer is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Puritan Project. The Puritan Project was started by Dr. Manoel Canuto, Mr. Olin Coleman, and pastor Josafa Vasconcelos for the purpose of bringing reform and experimental Calvinism to the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. I have […]

Pipa Protest

I have been asked if members of our churches can sign the protest. Although it is not official, let your voice be heard, particularly let’s hear from the women. See below. Here is the protest. We, the undersigned, humbly protest the establishment of a committee to study the issue of woman serving in the ministry […]


We left Greenville Monday afternoon, May 30, and arrived in Rome about 8:10 the morning of May 31. We arrived in Viterbo around 11. We are glad to return. This trip is our sixth since Mike Cuneo came. As I sat on the terrace of our hotel and watched the Swallows swooping and darted, I […]

Trip To Northern Ireland

Tomorrow we fly to Dublin, where we will spend a couple of days and then drive to Omagh in Northern Ireland. I will be ministering in Northern Ireland Sunday, Feb. 7 through Sunday Feb. 14. On the seventh I will be preaching both services at Omagh Evangelical Presbyterian Church (pastor Andrew Lucas) and speaking to […]

South Africa Trip

Aug. 5  We arrived last night at Newark to find that my wife’s suitcase had been damaged. United gave us a new one that is actually better, but it made us an hour late leaving for our hotel and we lost our travel tea and coffee, as well as some hosiery and socks (we hope […]

Resolution on Prayer and Fasting

Resolution adopted by Calvary Presbytery (PCA) July 25, 2015 Personal Resolution Joseph Pipa “a Call for a Day of Fasting and Prayer” Whereas, the June 26, 2015 decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of America opposes God’s creation mandate of marriage established in Genesis 2:18-24 and thereby greatly dishonors our Creator and […]