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How important is it that congregation...

How important is it that congregations have deacons.

DOES THE BCO (AND THUS THE PRINCIPLES OF BIBLICAL POLITY SET FORTH THEREIN) REQUIRE THAT A CONGREGATION HAVE DEACONS? YES, DEMONSTRABLY Dr. David F. Coffin, Jr. For Potomac Presbytery, January 2009 I. CHRIST, THE KING AND HEAD OF THE CHURCH Jesus gives “all offices necessary for the edification of His Church and the perfecting of […]

1 Timothy 3:11 and women deacons

1 Timothy 3:11 and women deacons

Proponents of female deacons use 1 Timothy 3:11 to argue the case in favor of female deacons. Here is a brief exegesis of that passage, which presents the arguments against this interpretation. As I understand verses 11 and 12, Paul is laying down the domestic qualifications for deacons: “Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious […]