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Dearest Ashley, Child of the Covenant

DEAREST ASHLEY, CHILD OF THE COVENANT By Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. The following is a fictitious open letter from a father to an infant daughter on the eve of her baptism. In it, the child’s father lays out the Biblical rationale for covenantal infant baptism. Dearest Ashley, I am unable to sleep tonight as I […]

Seminary Education

SEMINARY EDUCATION By Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. Published in The Chalcedon Report – September 2001 (For footnotes, download the entire document) I have been asked to write about the nature of training men for ministry in the Reformed churches. The topic is important because we take it for granted and in the minds of many, […]

Pastoral Visitation Article and Check...

PASTORAL VISITATION ARTICLE & CHECKLIST By Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. An encouragement to prepare before a pastor or elder visits, and a list of suggested questions for the pastor to ask Preparing for Your Pastor to Visit THE GOD GIVEN RESPONSIBILITY TO SHEPHERD God has given to the elders of His Church the responsibility to […]