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Postmillennialism lecture by Dr. Tony Curto (posted at the request of Dr. Pipa) This lecture was held on the campus of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary on March 24, 2015.

The Purpose of Worship

Now how do we serve God in His glorious presence? One thing is to serve theLord is to bring to Him praise and thanksgiving and adoration with greatjoy and exuberance by Dr Joseph Pipa At the Greenville Seminary Conference in Taylors, South Carolina on March 11, 2003 Dr. Joseph Pipa, President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological […]

A Reformed Liturgy

One way that we can step out of our own world and out of our own prejudices is to step over into the world of the fathers. This is one excellent way of testing ourselves. At the annual Greenville Theological Seminary Conference in Taylors, South Carolina on March 12, 2003 Dr. Joseph Pipa in introducing […]

Pastoral Visitation: The God-Given Re...

ARTICLE BY JOSEPH A. PIPA, JR.  AUGUST 2013 God has given to the elders of His Church the responsibility to shepherd His flock. Paul says in Acts 20:28, “Pay attention to yourselves and to all of the flock among which the Holy Spirit has set you to be overseers to shepherd God’s church, that He acquired […]

The Lost Work of Pastoral Visititatio...

ARTICLE BY JOSEPH A. PIPA, JR.  AUGUST 2013 Editors’ Note: This is the second of a two-part series on pastoral visitation. The first article may be found here. My first pastoral visit was the first one I made as a young pastor. By that time, I had been in the church eleven years. My case was […]

The Mystery of the Incarnation

ARTICLE BY JOSEPH A. PIPA, JR.  DECEMBER 2013 Many things in life fill us with wonder; our world is full of profound mysteries, but the greatest mystery of all is the mystery of the incarnation. One of the profoundest statements of this mystery is 1 Timothy 3:16: “And by common confession great is the mystery of […]

Job 1:1-5

Sermon preached while conducting a conference in Brazil on Job 1:1-5

Calvinism Debate

Calvinism Debate

Calvinism Debate Joseph Pipa vs. Dave Hunt From 2002

Providence or Fatalism?

Wednesday night session of the 2014 Spring Theology Conference hosted by Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Sermon preached by Dr. Pipa.

What Genesis 1 Teaches About Creation

From the GPTS 2011 Summer Institute on Creation: